Urban Design & City Planning

All urban design and city planning projects are conducted through research of technical data as well as a participatory approach, particularly when analyzing and evaluating a space.

Urban Design

Sanabel ensures focusing on increasing functionality in a cost-efficient manner while addressing the economic, social, cultural, aesthetic and ecological context. This is applied on shaping and designing new spaces or reviving old areas and developments. 

Public Realm & Public Spaces

We employ the principles of “Placemaking” for the design of the public realm and public spaces. Our approach takes into account local community resources and perspectives to create inspirational public areas that benefit people’s overall health, happiness and well-being. The firm is specialized in creating context-specific streetscapes as well as highly functional, inclusive and dynamic public parks, squares and plazas that follow internationally accepted standards.

Urban Plans & Strategies

Through its team of seasoned experts, Sanabel conducts urban plans and strategies, from concept creation to setting guidelines and preparation of tender documents. This follows an extensive research and evaluation of the plots and its context.  We specifically address the importance of accessibility and mobility of all transport modes in our designs.

City Planning

City planning entails Sanabel’s cooperation with the public sector on establishing sustainable urban public policies. A collaborative participatory approach with the stakeholders, such as private sector and local community members, is at the heart of Sanabel’s methodology.