Project Management & Supervision

Sanabel is entrusted with representing the client to make sure the landscape scope is executed as per the designs and specifications and is maintained as per the industry’s best practices. This is achieved through its team of field engineers and office support. The service features Supervision on Implementation and Supervision on Maintenance in addition to Project Management, where Sanabel strives to control the project’s cost –including value engineering-, time and quality and further coordinate between different contractors on behalf of the client.


Project Management

Operating in the capacity of project management in Jordan, Sanabel represents the client from the landscape project’s implementation stage through the final handover. Sanabel effectively oversees the following tasks: Outlining scope of work, planning activities and required resources, setting the timeline/schedule, Value engineering, estimating costs and analyzing budget, liaising with contractors and vendors, monitoring and reporting progress, supervising execution and conducting project evaluation.

Supervision on Implementation

Sanabel uses its experience and know-how to ensure that the contractor is executing a project as per the required design and specifications. This is conducted through site visits by specialized field engineers and followed up with detailed reports containing evaluation and recommendations in regards to the site status.

Supervision on Maintenance

Sanabel monitors and conducts reports on the maintenance of plants and irrigation networks, making sure that the maintenance contractor or facility management company is following the industry’s best practices and respecting the design’s intent. Sanabel also offers a dedicated maintenance procedures manual for the plants and irrigation systems for the assigned project. Finally, Sanabel has the capacity to train on-site employees in proper maintenance procedures.


Sanabel executed and supervised several projects including urban, commercial, hospitality, educational and residential projects, the most important of these projects:

  • Tunisian Baths Boulevard more
  • Ayla Roadway Design more
  • Aqaba Gate Project
  • Al Hussien Parks more
  • Raghadan Bus Complex
  • Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Al Hussein Cancer Center more
  • S.O.S Children’s Village more
  • Queen Rania Teacher Academy
  • Gaza Refugee Camp All Girls Unrwa School
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines more