Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture at Sanabel comprises of five main components; Hardscape Design, Softscape Design, Irrigation Networks, Lighting, and Outdoor Furniture Design. The end product of these layers aims for cost and energy efficient sustainable designs celebrating a fusion of contemporary ideas while respecting the location context and cultural identity. Sanabel works on a diverse range of projects at all scales, geographies and types, including Commercial, Residential, Urban Design, Public Spaces as well as Education, Health and Spiritual Spaces.


Hardscape Design

Hardscape design is effectively the backbone of a landscape and incorporates hard landscape materials, like wood, concrete and stone. Sanabel designs a wide range of hardscape services to assist clients in providing symmetry and efficient space distribution to gardens and outdoor spaces using architectural and decorative hard elements.

Sanabel hardscape design services include, but are not limited to: Paths, walking tracks, pergolas, seating spaces, outdoor kitchens, outdoor barbeque / grill areas as well as customized water features, such as pools, waterfalls and fountains.


Softscape Design

Softscape is the living part of a landscape and encompasses horticultural elements, including all types and sizes of plants. Our softscape services comprise the planning, selection, arrangement and efficient distribution of these elements in an aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable manner.

When examining the distribution of the softscape layout, Sanabel takes into consideration the climate and micro-climate conditions of the space; functions of the garden; seasonal interest; characteristics, shapes and nature – whether native or adaptable species – of the plants themselves; and the ability to embellish the existing architecture of the space.


Irrigation Networks

The irrigation network refers to the application of controlled amounts of water to plants at required intervals for the growth and health of plants and the overall landscape. Sanabel applies efficient water conservation principles through its use of a special irrigation system that respects the water crisis in the region.

Sanabel offers manual and automatic irrigation systems using sub-surface and above-ground irrigation solutions. These services ultimately generate a host of benefits, including time savings, cost efficiency and value for money.



The lighting segment at Sanabel refers to the use of outdoor illumination of gardens and landscapes for the purposes of safety, aesthetics and mood setting. Sanabel services consist of designing lighting layouts for both softscape and hardscape elements; and selecting fixtures that complement the style of the garden, including direct lighting, which brightens the surroundings through projectors, pendants, poles and bollards, and indirect lighting, which creates a soft glow through dim or mood lighting.