Guide to Species Selection for Amman Public Open Spaces (POS)


Public open spaces (POS) that are well-studied and planned provide a wide range of environmental, social, and economic benefits. Cities like Amman, which are characterised by special climatic conditions, distinct topogra­phy, and specific types of urban POS, require a careful selection and placement strategy for plants followed by a well-thought-out maintenance program. Having the factors mentioned above as a base, the planting of trees and shrubs becomes an investment in our cities, environment, and future generations.

The guidebook has been formulated for city officials who have an interest in POS design, landscape architects and designers, architects, urban designers, and other practitioners in the region.

The guidebook includes information about more than 60 species and their potential use for POS design in Amman, including their morphological charac­teristics, environmental tolerance, benefits, and aesthetical characteristics. The guidebook provides readers with a set of practical recommendations on how to select the right species for the right location to enhance their benefits for the POS.

The guidebook introduces criteria for plant selection when designing POS in Amman and a list of profiles of trees and shrubs based on these criteria. The guidebook is user-friendly and interactive, where one can easily match the type of open space with the most suitable species based on their characteristics.

The guideline was prepared by Eng. Zeena AL Jaajaa, CEO and Head of Design Department, in partnership with Sanabel Team and in cooperation with Dr. Ahmad El-Oqlah, Amman Municipality, and the German Agency GIZ.



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