About us

Founded in 1985, Sanabel Landscape Architecture | Urban Design & Planning emerged to address the clear absence of landscape as a concept in the Jordan market. The founders, Hassan Al Jaajaa and Razan Zuayter recognized that the urban sprawl in Amman was effectively swallowing up the potential of green public and private spaces.

Our Values

Sanabel's design philosophy and core values are guided by a comprehensive landscape approach that takes into account the spatial context with all its elements, including aesthetic, practical, environmental, cultural, modern and economic.


Sustainable, Economic Factors

For its smart designs, Sanabel applies sustainable, cost-efficient landscaping practices, namely identifying the natural characteristics of plots in terms of macro and micro climates, native and adaptable low-maintenance plants and compatible materials.

Socio-Cultural, Modern Identity

Sanabel expertly merges local, traditional roots with modern, futuristic design by consistently aspiring for innovation while meeting the highest international standards.



We aim to render our sites highly functional while respecting its aesthetic dimension.  


Humane Space

We approach projects by balancing the lines and elements of design to present comfortable, livable human spaces for the communities and users



We aim to create beautiful landscape designs, while maintaining a delicate balance between the location, function and panoramic views of each entity.



Sanabel consistently develops smart ecological design solutions using local and natural resources such as xeriscape designs and permaculture systems, for a green, environmentally-friendly approach.

M/S Sanabel executed and exercised their works with a very high quality, and they were precise and on time. I gladly recommend M/s Sanabel for similar projects.

Eng. Yousef Abu Samra

Project Manager at Dar AL Omran
This is to certify that we, Jordan Heritage Revival Company, have employed Sanabel to design the Archery Field around the Hellenistic Temple in Um Qais whereby we found their services of excellent quality. They have managed to submit designs and consultations that are accurate, well studied, aesthetically pleasing and professional. If asked, we would undoubtedly recommend Sanabel’s services.

Mr. Muayyad Abu Rumman

This is to certify that we, Arabtech Jardaneh, have been working with Messrs. Sanabel on many of our projects throughout the past years, whereby we found their services of excellent quality. They have managed to submit designs and consultations that are accurate, well studied, aesthetically pleasing and professional, while always meeting the set deadlines. If asked, we would undoubtedly recommend Sanabel’s services.

Eng. Maysoun Dissi

Business Development Manager at Arabtech Jardaneh

Team & Leadership

Hassan AL Jaajaa

Director - Partner
Hassan is an Agricultural and Horticulture Consultant and a leader in the field. He is the Founding Partner and Director of Sanabel. He has over 40 years of technical and practical experience in landscape engineering, horticulture, and agriculture. His knowledge extends across various geographical and climatological zones, including temperate, arid, and tropical landscapes. His long-standing expertise encompasses projects that vary in size and complexity in project management, interior and exterior landscape design, ecological management, and site supervision. He has played a key role in introducing and expanding the floral industry in Jordan. He was the former Managing Partner of Sidra Agriculture Company in Doha, Qatar and earned the Arabia 500 award for the fastest growing company in three consecutive years. He is a Founding Member and the Senior Technical Consultant at the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN). He is active in several international environmental platforms, including UNEP and IUCN. 

Razan Zuayter

Director - Partner
She has 40 years of rich experience in various fields of management and landscape design, site execution, planning and supervision. Known for her extensive reputation, Razan is a Consultant in the region specializing in eco-landscaping and xeriscaping. Her concern for the environment, agriculture and food scarcity led her to found the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) and co-found the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty (ANFS), which she currently heads as President. Razan holds a Master of Science in Plant Protection and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science from AUB and a Diploma in Landscape Design from the University of Jordan. She is a member of the Regional Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Executive Committee of the People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty representing the Arab World. She is the co-chair of the Conflict and Fragility Working Group affiliated with the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness and has further led the Civil Society Mechanism working group on protracted crises for five years within the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

Zeena AL Jaajaa

CEO / Head of Design
With more than 14 years of experience in designing private and public spaces in Jordan and the Middle East, Zeena has gained extensive knowledge in sustainable and creative design solutions for the landscape industry. Moreover, she often attends and participates as a panel speaker in regional and international conferences for sustainable landscape and urban design. Zeena co-led various environmental campaigns in Lebanon and Jordan, and delivered numerous lectures on xeriscape gardens and sustainable design in educational institutions in Amman. She has additionally published research and design papers as well as articles related to inclusive public spaces and sustainable landscape design. Zeena holds a Master of Science in Urban Design and City Planning from the University College London (UCL). She also carries a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management with a Diploma in Agricultural Engineering from AUB.

Mohamad AL Jaajaa

COO & Head of the Irrigation Department
He has diverse work experience ranging from auditing in one of the Big Four companies in the world, Ernst & Young, to contracting and business development. In addition, he formerly managed the Estimation and Business Development Department in Sidra Agriculture Company, a 400+ employee company that Sanabel was managing through Hassan. Mohammad currently manages project constructions of landscape projects and specializes in Hardscape, Softscape, Irrigation and Lighting implementation. He also coordinates between the various sectors. Mohamad is a Certified Public Accountant (candidate) who passed all sections of the New Hampshire Uniform CPA exam. Mohamad holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from AUB.

Rana Khresheh

Senior Architect
Rana focuses on landscape conceptual development and construction documents within the four aspects of landscape at Sanabel: Hardscape, Softscape, Lighting and Irrigation. She has earned herself the title of Senior Architect specializing in landscape architecture through her 10 years’ experience at Sanabel. Rana has been exposed to various scales of gardens and exterior spaces in Jordan and the Middle East and has also handled designing gardens in less privileged areas and extensively researched methods of design durable innovations and solutions in areas with limited resources.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Al-Bait University.

Rawan Abdil Jalil

Architect & Urban Design
Rawan has gained her MSc degree in Spatial Planning from the German Jordanian University, and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Al-AlBayt University. The study incorporated multi-dimensional perspectives that aim to achieve integrated sustainable planning and urban design. She believes that landscape as a holistic concept is essential for individual and social well-being, green infrastructure, and quality of life in our cities. Rawan in her work utilizes both of the Architecture design software, such as Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, as well as the planning software GIS as a tool for Illustration and presentation of the database at the city level.